about sana shimi

Sana shimi derakhshane isatis co. began operating in 2006 on producing a variety of industrial and industrial colours and thinner since company managers have always considered their customers the main assets of the company, they have always tried to satisfy the satisfaction and confidence of customers in the industry to meet their needs as well as their level of quality. according to the issue of entrepreneurship and employment creation and recruitment of young and efficient forces in 1394) it produced specialized solvents such as solvent (printing). also, by strengthening the manpower and equipping of the company’s laboratory, it is able to maintain quality of its products in addition to producing all thinner of nitrocellulose and ready – made solvent (printing)to meet customers ‘ needs in accordance with specific orders



1. Preparation of high quality materials and the use of skilled human resources to achieve the goals of the company, which is the production of products with the best quality.
2. Clear and clear communication with all clients
3. Direct observation on the quality of produced products
4. production of tineer types, color (custom)available at the specified time
We are proud of all our products, and these proud results are the result of cooperation with a team with experience and expertise.


We are always at the site of a respectable producer, and are sure to produce our products beyond the expectations of customers.

Some customers

Nedsa Engineering Command (Iranian Navy), Hormozgan Al-Mahdi Aluminum, Bandar Abbas Tavanir Company, Central Iron Stone, Akam Steel Company, Ardakan Pelletizing Company, Nasol Asphalt Company, Tarkar Asphalt Company Arshideh Saze, Solara Steel Sole, Pasargard Sole, Kasra Arch Sole, Zafar Sole, Amrollahi Sole, Yas Plastic Shargh Co., Jahan Saderat Co., Isfahan Moghadam Co., Persa Bandi Printing and Packaging Co. Negar Plast, Sepehr Kavir Company, Ramina Plastic Company, Mehrkh Company, Art Plastic Company, Babak Metal Company, Rangin Sofreh Company and ….


Our mission is to produce products with a competitive price, create a reliable and productive space within a reasonable time frame and deliver the end – to – end product with satisfying and satisfactory quality.