Alkidy Ocher antirust


product introduction:

This product is based on Alkyd rosin. Red or ocher antirust usually is based on all of metal levels and it is used as a primer. This product , that is clear from it s name, is antirust witch contains anti corrosion color of iron oxide and is used in metal levels. Red or ocher antirust has well drying time and coating,and it showes well durability to envoirenmental and humidity factors. It is used in all metal levels and as a primer


Consumption qualifications:

To use of this paint , first clean the surface from pollution and lipid till surface becomes clear. Metal levels should clean from any corroding and chip. To making paint thinning , use from spirit white thinner in 20 to 25 percent measure.


Drying qualifications:

Red or ocher antirust at 25 degrees and in fewer than 2 hours dries to touch and after 16 hours dries to profound type. Obviously, the drying time varies according to the film thickness, humidity and other factors.


Technical Specifications:



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