Alkyd paint


Indications :

These industrial paints are based on alkyd rosin and they are used to protect of metal- wooden- cement levels and they are produced in different colors. These paints have exellent resistance to sunshine, heat, water , chemical materials and oil spray.


Technical Specifications :

  • Number of components: 1 component
  • Viscosity: 95-105 cris
  • Offered film thickness: 60 micron
  • Real level of selected coating depends on air flow , environment temperature, humid level , tickness and number of layers.
  • Weight solid percentage: 60% Before use this paint, it must mix well, till it becomes routine solution.
  • Spray with air ,nozzle tip pressure 3-5 Bar,
  • Nozzle diameter 1/2-2 mm Airless spray
  • nozzle tip pressure 120-150 Bar,
  • nozzle diameter, 0.38-0.48 mm
  • nozzle diameter, 0.38-0.48 mm
  • Painting- brush and roller must be suitable and some layers must used to get the needed thickness.


Surface preparing:

  • Maximum relative humidity: 90%
  • The surface temperature must be at least 3 ° C above the dew point temperature.
  • Suitable surface temperature for applying paint should be between 5-30 degrees.


Dry times and recoating:

  • Surface dry at 25 degrees: 1-2hours.
  • Profound dry : 5-6 hours
  • Time of next layer perform: minimum 12 hours.


Surface preparation:

Painting surfaces: surface must be completely dry and without salt, oil , lipid, dust and any other form of impurity. So , the surface can be clean with fresh water , there was any rustiness or corrosion on surfaces, it must clean with usual ways and proper primer system must perform. Steel levels of surface must be completely dry and without salt, oil, lipid, dust and any other form of impurity, so , the surface minimum till sa 2/5 degrees must prepare and solvent washing on SSPC-SPI standandards.


Suggested color system:

This paint can be used on metal directly and on whole primers based on Alkyd rosin epoxy and polyurtan.


Safety points and storage charge qualifications:

This paint and it s thinners , are flammable. So, they must be kept in closed container or plombe and away from fire, heat, strong electric flow, explosive materials. To durability increasing of containers, they must be away from water or humid, and after open them, it is recommended to consume them soon. Storage temperature must be 10-30 degrees and it s air conditioning must be proper. To assurance of proper and health quality of paint , consuming of it before expire time, is necessary. The expire time of this paint basis is 12 month.



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