Coal tar epoxy polyamide primer (two_ component)


Indications :

This paint is used as first layer after surface preparing, and it is produced high adhesion on steel installation and cement surfaces; and it has exellent flexability and is resistent to heavy atmospheres.

Technical specifications and usage qualifications:

  • Brightness: semi shining
  • Number of components: two components
  • Components mixture ratio: two components
  • Applications equipment: spray without air , spray with air and brush
  • Minimal percent of voluminal solid: 60%
  • Minimal percent of weight solid : 80 %
  • Thickness of offered dry film: 150 micron
  • Long life of two component mixture: 4 hours, in 25 degrees temprature.
  • Time of drying in 25 degrees: a) dry to touch 2_ 3 hours b) profound 36_ 48 hours c) completely hard 7 days.


Notice able points in painting:

  • 1- this paint should spray on surfaces witch are prepared on swedish standards sal 1/2.
  • 2- hardner addition and decrease makes the paint damage.
  • 3- the mixture of paint and hardner must stay for 15 minutes before consuming .
  • 4_because of mixture high density , while mixing and consuming, paint must be mixing with espacial mixtures
  • 5_because of chemical reaction between components, A and B of mixture after long life time , mixture is not utilizable, so mixing of paint components should be make for 4 hours painting usage.
  • envoirenment temprature: 5_ 40 c
  • surface temperature: 10_ 45 c
  • 8_surface temperature must be minimum 5 degrees higher than Dew point and with respect to work qualifications , temprature of paint and hardner must be equal to surface or be maximum 4 degrees higher than surface temperature.

Spray qualifications:

  • pressure of nozzle tip: without air 130_ 150 Bar, with air 4_6 Bar.
  • spray angle: without air 40_ 80 degrees.
  • diameter of nozzle: ithout air 0.38- 0.35 mm , with air 1/2- 2 mm.

Safety points and storage charge qualifications:

This paint is inflammable , so it should plumbed. Or keep in closed cantainers and be away from fire and heat. To protect of paint first benefits’ , storage temprature must have proper air conditioning. Use of mask , glove, and safety equipment s while paint consuming is essential and air conditioning in work place must be suitable.


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