Micaeous Iron oxid middle primer (MIO)


Indications :

These two components covers are type of hardening epoxy with polyamid , they are used as middle coat in a system for outer surface of tanks , metal skeletons , pipe lines of chemical factories , refineries, sea beach area , and concrete surfaces . they have high resistance to water influensive because of MIO pigment sheet specialty and because of brightness and rough surface. If it is used as outside coat , it produces beautiful display on surfaces. If it is necessary to bright the surface , we can use epoxy or polyurtan outside coat ( respect to environment qualifications used).


Technical specifications and usage qualifications:

Apparent color: dark grey.

Voluminal percent of solid materials: % 65±2

Time of next layer performance at 25 degrees: 12-36 hours.

Time of surface drying at 25 degrees: 3 hours.

Time of completely drying at 25 degrees 7 days.

Thickness of recommended film: 60 micron

Real level of selected coating depends on air flow , environment temperature, humid level , tickness and number of layers.

Useful life of paint after mixing at 25 degrees: 8 hours.

Paint and hardner mixture ratio: refer to label on paint can.

Storage charge time : a year ( in 5-40 degrees in proper environment qualifications).


Surface preparing:

Minimal cleanliness degree of needed surface is on swedish standards of SA 2 1/2 Iso 8501-1. Minimal measure of surface profile ( roughness) is 40-60 micron.


Weather qualifications while painting:

  • 1-environment temperature between 10 to 40 degrees.
  • 2-surface temperature 3 degrees higher than Dew point.
  • 3-relative humid fewer than 80%.


Necessary equipment to coat accomplishment:

1-Airless spray device

2-Conventional spray with air.

3-electerical or windy mixer.

4-painting-brush and roller.

In using Airless spray , 0.017 or 0.019, nozzle must be used.

In using conventional spray , 2 or 2.2 mm , nozzle must be used.


Safety points and storage charge qualifications:

This paint is inflammable , so it should plumbed. Or keep in closed cantainers and be away from fire and heat. To protect of paint first benefits’ , storage temprature must have proper air conditioning. Use of mask , glove, and safety equipment s while paint consuming is essential and air conditioning in work place must be suitable.



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