Semi plastic matte paint (Emulsion paint)


Product introducing:

plastic Paint was produced based on vinyl acetate copolymer resin. It is used for all surfaces (gypsum, cement, concrete, brick, and wood). High resistance to wash, high Coverage power,fast drying time, appropriate dining, dilution with water, excellent adhesion, ease of performance, lack of unpleasant odor Technical Specification.


Technical Specifications :

  • Surface dryiny time: The limit of the majority of 1 h time of drying depends on the flow of air, ambient temperature, moisture content, thickness, and number of layers
  • The application of the next layer : at least 3 hours
  • Gloss : matting.


Surface preparation:

Before painting prepare the surface by cutting loose points, opening the seams and of the. Then, if necessary with chalk or putty, smooth the surface flat and then sandpaper. The final surface before the coloring should be clean and without any contamination, dust, or oil.


Consumption qualifications:

dilute semi – plastic with a proper amount of water and apply it on the surface. The amount of water mixing with paint is different according to the ambient temperature, the surface below the work as well as the means of coloring, but in the usual context it is brush 35 % – 25 % with a rolls of 10 % – 5 % and with Spray 40 % – 35 %.

In order to reach a uniform surface, according to the following surface, it may be required at least 2 to 3 stages of paint.

The paint apply at ambient temperature above 10 ° C is recommended at a temperature of 3 ° above the dew point and less than 80 %



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