Thermoplast Acrylic Traffic Paint



Thermoplast Acrylic Traffic Paint is based on thermoplast acrylic resin and it is produced on country situations. Adhesion , frictional resistance and drying high speed of this paint on cement and paving are important. This paint includes colors and fillers with light reflection in proper level , because of that , this paint is used in lining of roads , parkings, airstrips and any other traffic lines. Because of fast drying time of this paint, it can be used without road closing for long times.


Technical Specifications:

  • Color: white, yellow (and other colors accord to orders).
  • Number of components: one component.
  • Time of becoming gel: Brightness: matting.
  • Drying mechanism: solution evaporation.
  • Offer thickness of wet film: 550_600 micron.
  • Time of surface drying: 8 minutes.
  • Time of road opening : 18 minutes.
  • Thinner type: Sana shimi Traffic Thinner


Surface preparation:

The goal surface which is most concrete or paved, must be clean of any pollution. To clean of the surface , we can use wind pressure , wash with washers or thinners. To get to high adhesion, we can disperse sand and dust on concrete or paved surfaces , and the. surfaces must be clean of concrete and paving bits.


Painting place qualifications:

The best temprature of environment and work surface in painting time , is between 10_40 degrees . environment temprature in painting time must be at least 3 degrees higher than environment Dew point to avoiding water drops production on the surfaces.


The way of paint usage:

The paint must mix well and plus to thinner to get proper viscosity. The paint in source must mix repeatedly while using and it must be disperse with proper distance of nozzle to the surface.


Painting equipments:

  • Air less spray with nozzle diameter of 0.13_0.15 inch.
  • conventional spray ( with air) with nozzle of 1.5_2 mm , pressure of 3_5 atmosphere.
  • spray with air brush cars at roads.


Safety notes:

  • _avoiding from constant aspiration of this paint solution in closed places and use proper safety equipments and wash your skin and eyes with much water if they have touched the paint.
  • this paint is flammable and it must be keep far from heat , spark and flame.


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